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The Vesper Foundation

Atelier Vesper founded the Vesper Foundation with the belief that traditional marketing budgets can be spend in an unconventional way.

We create partnerships with brand ambassadors who share this vision.

These partnerships are our tool to use these marketing budgets in a more meaningful way, through the Vesper Foundation.

The Vesper Foundation guides and enables our brand ambassadors to support their charity organisations in order to achieve our mutual goal to do good.

Trees for All

For each of our five 50ml fragrance sold, 2% will go to the support of Trees for All. Read more here.

Trees for All is founded in 1999. Their foundation plants trees in the Netherlands and abroad. Being the most experienced supplier of carbon offsets in the Netherlands and the only provider of carbon offsets that meets the stringent requirements of CBF certification. 

Their mission is to plant new forests worldwide and to restore existing forests. We fully support this by supporting Trees for All’s sustainable forest projects. In this way we contribute to a better climate, more biodiversity and better living conditions for local people.

Stichting de Noordzee

Stichting de Noordzee has been the number one organization regarding the protection and sustainable use of the North Sea for 40 years now. They focus on 4 main goals: room for nature, a clean sea, sustainable food, and nature-friendly energy. Together with others, they are working on solving the biggest environmental challenges in the North Sea.

Our Partners:

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